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Pinpoint Data System 1.0

Pinpoint Data System 1.0

Pinpoint Data System 1.0 helps you keep track of your inventory, tools and assets quickly and easily. Know where your items are stored within the rack storage system with the scan of a bar code or a search of the part number, description, pallet number or rack section. Keep track of each item stored on a pallet and keep track of the pallets location in the storage system.

With our built-in Weight Distribution Manager (WDM) you can eliminate rack overloading and maximize rack utilization by storing products by weight per section of rack. Our Pinpoint Data System with our built-in Weight Distribution Manager (WDM) lets you know exactly how much each pallet weighs and how much weight is stored in each section of rack. If a pallet or a rack section is overloaded the Weight Distribution Manager (WDM) lets you know until you have fixed the problem. This feature eliminates guessing and protects the rack system from potential rack failure due to overloaded rack sections.

With our easy export function you can export a copy of the data so updating your WMS system is effortless and easy. And the Pinpoint Data System 1.0 comes equipped on every PROSTAK Stacker Storage Management System sold.

Pinpoint Data System 1.0 Features...

  • Use bar codes to identify assets, personnel, pallets, rack sections and parts
  • Search by part number, description, pallet number or rack section
  • Keep track of pallet and rack sections weights
  • Add an unlimited number of users
  • Give users different levels of access
  • View the transactions log for each asset
  • Add new assets or inventory items
  • Remove assets or inventory items no longer in use
  • Export asset and inventory reports to a CSV file
  • The software comes already installed on a tablet ready to use

Do more than just store your assets.  Manage them with Pinpoint Data System 1.0!

Markers and Stickers

Make it easier to find your assets with Rack Section Floor Markers and Pallet Number Stickers.  By making each section of the rack, on either side of the aisle, using consecutive numbers; eg. A1, A2, A3....then numbering each pallet with consecutive numbers; eg. 01, 02, 03... you create a location code.  An example location code would read A2-15; rack section A2, pallet number 15.  Using a whiteboard, spreadsheet, database or asset management software you can manage your assets quickly and effectively.

Rack Section Floor Markers

Made of durable polyester-laminated vinyl, these adhesive back uppercase characters hold up in moisture, rain and other wet conditions

Character Height:   4 inches
Marker Height:        5 inches
Marker Width:         1.75 inches

Pallet Number Stickers

Our black on yellow reflective numbers help you mark each pallet easily. These numbers feature a reflective surface. Effectively visible in dimly-lit or dark areas.

Number Height:     1.5 inches
Marker Height:       1.875 inches
Marker Width:        1.375 inches

Rack Section Floor Stencils

Quick-Align PVC Stencil Set, all letters are upper case, 92 piece set.

Number Height:     4 inches
Marker Height:       5.25 inches
Marker Width:        3 inches

Floor Stickers and Pallet Numbers

Shown here is a sample of how a rack section and pallets are marked to better organize the Stacker Management System.  This rack section is marked A2 with pallets 04, 03, and 15.  By keeping track of where the pallets are located in the Stacker Management System, locating what you need can only take 2 to 3 minutes.  This in turn will help to improve workers productivity and to help increase production.

White Boards

Take control of your asset management with our ruled white board and dry erase marker kit.  Keep track of your assets easily with this highly visible ruled white board.  With a quick visual scan of the white board, know what you have and where in the Stacker Management System you put it.  Keep track of who checked it out and for what purpose.  Combine with our Rack Section Floor Marking System, Plastic Pallet Label Kits, and Pallet Number Stickers and you have complete control over your valuable assets.

Ruled White Board
Magnetic Gold Ultra Dry Erase 1 x 2 inch Grid Planner, 2 x 3 feet, Aluminum Frame

Magnetic dry erase surface is recommended for frequent use. 
1 x 2 inch pale gray grid lines make planning easy and professional looking.
Sliding aluminum pen tray keeps pens and magnetic accessories where you want them.
Easy 4-corner mounting system, hardware included.
Clean contemporary look.

Dry Erase Marker Kit
Expo Low-Odor Dry Erase Set, Fine Point, 7-piece with Cleaner, Assorted Colors.

Bright, vivid, non-toxic ink is quick-drying, smear-proof, easy to see from a distance, and provides consistent color quality.
Durable, fine-point tip for thin, detailed lines.
Erases cleanly and easily with a dry cloth or Expo eraser.
Ink is specially formulated to be low-odor.

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