PALLET-STAK Management Systems

Designed and Engineered to your specifications

The Rapistak Space Savings Advantage

With the cost of floor space at a premium many companies can ill afford to ignore saving space with a PALLET-STAK Management System. Just look at the advantages...

Typical Unorganized Storage Area

  • Use the maximum vertical space without damage to lights or pipes
  • A dedicated lifting device helps to minimize forklift dependence
  • Substantially reduced aisle widths compared to a conventional forklift turning radius
  • Access what you need when you need it in 2 to 3 minutes

PALLET-STAK Single Aisle Storage System

PALLET-STAK Stacker Crane Storage Management Systems

Capacities from 2,000 to 6,000 lbs., Rack heights from 8 ft. to 25 ft.

PALLET-STAK Management Systems are to be used with modified bolted standard pallet racks for applications requiring uniform products such as sheets, full pallets or drums. Many of these applications require that beams be spaced at specific intervals to accommodate the products being stored in the system.

Typically considered an alternative to a forklift, the PALLET-STAK Management System is often described as a way of saving floor space, using overhead space and reducing building costs. Some of the most significant justifications are faster product access, better organization and reduced inventory damage due to handling by forklift operators.

PALLET-STAK Management Systems create better process stability, increased productivity and the elimination of non-value added costs. Properly applied, PALLET-STAK Management Systems can provide consistent, highly responsive and organized alternative to a forklift based solution.

PALLET-STAK MRO Management System Single Aisle Application. Four bay system, total storage capacity 48 pallets.

PALLET-STAK Die/Mold Management System Double Aisle Application. Four/Three bay system, total storage capacity 224 molds.

PALLET-STAK Rack Deck Options