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Automated Parts-To-Person System

The only system on the market with a capacity up to 6,000 lbs.

Store virtually anything - cost effectively and with quick access.

The AUTO-STAK® ZX2 Automated Parts-To-Person System has been designed to meet a broad range of storage and retrieval applications in manufacturing, distribution, retail, and warehouse operations. The combination of optimal storage density, flexible, efficient storage strategies, ergonomics and security makes the AUTO-STAK® ZX2 from Rapistak a unique storage management solution.

The modular AUTO-STAK® ZX2 Automated Parts-To-Person System is an enclosed system of vertically and horizontally arranged trays that are stored on either side of the unit. There is an extractor device located in the center, which automatically delivers steel pallets with the stored items into the access opening at the push of a button or scan of a bar code. The device is modular in its construction with the ability to change its length and number of access openings pre and post construction. Depending on the ceiling height, at least 85% of a conventional storage system's occupied floor space can be recovered.

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Variable size trays can be provided to accommodate various size products

The length of the unit can be modified quickly and easily, and additional side access openings can be retrofitted to meet future needs.

Various work stations are available.

AS/RS Systems

Paint drum AS/RS System

Paint Drum Capacity: 770 lbs
No. of Storage Locations: 1,476
Application: Class 1, Division 2, Group C
No. of Movements in 7 Hr Shift: 100
PLC Controls: A-B ControlLogix 5500
HMI Terminal: A-B PanelView 5500

Using bar codes to track the location of each paint drum, this AS/RS System is capable of keeping track of 1,476 paint drums. With the installation of this system the customer was able to free up much needed floor space and reduce access times for production.

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Roll Processing AS/RS System

Roll Capacity: 4,200 lbs
No. of Storage Locations: 396
Application: Indoors, Dry Environment
No. of Rolls Processed in 8 Hr Shift: 240
PLC Controls: Siemans S7-1515
HMI Terminal: Siemans TP2200

Using bar codes to track the location of each roll, this AS/RS System is capable of keeping track of 240 rolls per 8 hr shift, running 3 shifts. With this installation, the customer was able to process more rolls with less time and reduce the number of employees needed for this operation

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General Specifications

These are the basic system specifications that are provided with each application. These specifications are only to be used as a guideline as each application is customized to meet your exact needs.

  • Working Capacity: Up to 6000 lb loads at 100% duty cycle
  • End of Aisle Run Out Required: 6 ft. for load and unload station
  • Rack Height Requirements: 8 ft. to 25 ft.
  • Minimum Clear Above Rack Requirement: 3 ft
  • Aisle Width: 98" face to face of rack
  • Vertical Lift Speed: 32 fpm with flux vector variable speed drive
  • Trolley Speed: 40 fpm with variable speed drive
  • Bridge Speed: 250 fpm with variable speed drive
Stacker Construction
  • Modular component design
  • All parts designed for 100% duty cycle
  • Welded steel frame construction
  • Single tube mast construction
  • Drive and idler wheels are double flanged spheroidal graphite cast iron
  • Wheel bearings are tapered roller type
Fork Carriage:
  • Welded steel frame construction
  • All parts designed for 100% duty cycle
  • Load capacity up to 6000 lbs
  • Standard ITA industrial pallet forks
  • Precision heavy duty needle bearing sealed load rollers
  • Electromechanical free fall safety device
  • Running sheaves with sealed ball bearings
Vertical and Horizontal Drives:
  • High performance sine-coded, pulse width modulated AC vector motor drives which generates an adjustable voltage/frequency three phase output for complete speed control. Automatic stall prevention and voltage boost prevents nuisance tripping during load or line side transient conditions. The drives will not induce any voltage or distortion back into the utility line and maintains a displacement power factor of not less than 0.98 throughout its speed range.
  • All communications through TCP-IP by way of duplex Ethernet bridge
Stacker Controls
  • Electrical components designed to NFPA 70 National Electric Code
  • JIC code compliance throughout
  • Enclosures rated NEMA 4, 12, and 13 for dust, dirt, oil, water, and other contaminants
  • Machine status stack lights
  • Onboard programmable logic controller Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 1769-L24ER
  • Allen-Bradley PanelView plus operator interface screen
  • Communication TCP-IP by way of duplex Ethernet bridge
  • Variable speed AC motor controller package
  • Motor controller encoded cards
  • Crane over-travel sensor package
  • Positional laser sensor package
  • PLC analog cards for collecting the data from the sensors
  • On board maintenance pendant station with emergency stop mushroom head button
  • Emergency stop button and circuit protection on HMI panel
  • Woven and welded wire mesh machine guarding
  • Gate safety switch interlocks
  • Load/unload station light curtain
  • Aisle obstruction detectors

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